Island of Misfit Characters

Despite my best efforts I was somehow never banned from City of Heroes.

I’ve spent an awful damn lot of time playing MMOs. At least, according to Steam, which is weird, because I can count the number of MMOs I’ve become seriously involved with on one finger, and that one wasn’t on Steam. A quick glance at my screenshot folders makes it apparent what’s actually happening here: I don’t play MMOs.

I play character editors.

Here then are some of the fruits of a life wasted basically playing with dolls:

Hold me closer, Tiny Riker.
Witchers are trained from a young age to hunt monsters and leave the heads on your comforter.
Heavyweight Lincoln eating a cheeseburger is the hero we need right now.
No one was fooled.
I played TERA for exactly as long it took to do this and then quit after telling myself I’d won.
Jersey Shore hobbit I left as a parting gift on one of SoE’s press accounts.
The greatest swordsman to ever be sauteed in butter.
The man in black fled across the deserted MMO, and Dora the Explorer followed.
My Wildstar fursona was all like fuck you you’re not my real dad and then he joined the Gorillaz.
He left his dark elf heritage behind to become the best goddamn pastry chef in Neverwinter.